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Chapter 1.1-The Start

Published on 7 May 2022 at 07:31

This is the founder of my Epic Challenge Jessica Brightstone. Her traits re: Green Thumb, Angler, Gatherer, Ambitious and Handy. Her Lifetime wish is The Perfect Garden. The Goals for her Gen are:

  • Must have a Pond and Garden on lot
  • House must be wood or stone with a wood, stone or dirt floor.
  • No Lights or Electrics- Can have candles or lanterns
  • Toilets and bath must be outside- No Shower
  • Only Cheapest Washing Machine and Clothes line
  • Male Spouse will be Joining Military Career
  • Babies must be born at Home
  • no Travel
  • Athletic skill can only be gained through swimming, weight bench and pull up bars
  • No Cars- Bike or horse
  • Heir will reach Level 5 in Gardening and Fishing
  • No Phone use
  • No Fridge until Career is maxed

This is her home

She got a job

She starts working on her garden

She eats a lot of roasted fish whilst she waits for her garden to grow.

She spends a lot of time fishing too

Jessica was soon promoted

She has become quite close with Stefan

They soon started dating

She climbs up the ranks

She enjoys exersize

Jessica and Stefan get married

Stefan works on the garden

Jessica is soon pregnant. 

Stefan does some Planting


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