Chapter 1.1- Starting Out

Published on 30 April 2022 at 07:51

Meet Lily Greenwood, The founder of this challenge. her traits are Gatherer, Green thumb, Heavy Sleeper, loves outdoors and Eco-friendly and her Lifetime wish is to have a perfect garden. She has the following goals to complete:

  1. She can't woo-hoo before marriage
  2. She must marry a sim with at least one of the following traits: Angler, Loves outdoors, Green Thumb
  3. She must have a boy and girl, can adopt after 1st baby but no using fruit to get correct gender
  4. She must plant all seeds from the store
  5. She must master gardening
  6. She must obtain all plants/seeds
  7. If she gets opportunity to grow omni/steak must take it.

This is her new home

She headed to the store and got all the produce they sold

Lily starts on her garden

She gets a job

She is doing well too

She goes fishing to get some fertilizer

She cooks her first meal

her garden is doing well

Lily unclogs the toilet

She works out

Lily cleans

Lily and Torgo have become good friends

They enjoy having pillow fights

Soon they were dating


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