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This is A Sims 4 Random legacy challenge is which you roll for Martial Structure, Number of Children, Careers, A goal and a fun goal called Misc.

Generation 1-7 are  here

Generation 8-  Tonya Blomonge

Traits: Goofball, Family Oriented, Green Fiend

Aspiration: Joke Star

Rolls: Mixed Single Parent, 4 Kids, Comedian, Off the Grid, Half-Siblings

Generation 9- Marlene and Mateo Blomonge

Heir- Marlene

Traits: High Maintenance, Foodie, Self-Assured

Aspiration: Inner Peace

Help- Mateo

Traits: Lazy, child of the ocean, cheerful

Aspiration: Beach Life

Rolls: Single with Help, 3 Kids, Restaurateur, Unemployed, Relaxation Enthusiast, Joker

Generation 10- Conner Blomonge

Traits: Genius, Outgoing, Ambitious

Aspiration: Spellcraft and Sorcery

Rolls: Couple, 5 Kids, Professor, Beach Treasure Hunter, Fulfilled, Magic Club