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Generation 1- Lily Greenwood


  1. She can't woo-hoo before marriage
  2. She must marry a sim with at least one of the following traits: Angler, Loves outdoors, Green Thumb
  3. She must have a boy and girl, can adopt after 1st baby but no using fruit to get correct gender
  4. She must plant all seeds from the store
  5. She must master gardening
  6. She must obtain all plants/seeds
  7. If she gets opportunity to grow omni/steak must take it.

Generation 2-  Rose Greenwood


  1. Join Business Career
  2. Max Charisma
  3. Reach Level Ten in Business Career
  4. Partner in a business
  5. Have argument (become enemies) with parents.
  6. Make 50,000 in family funds from working.
  7. Marry fellow worker or boss
  8. Get Married, Woohoo, have kids (need not be in that order)

Generation 3-  Richmond Greenwood


  1. Travel to Egypt, France, and China
  2. Gain all vista levels
  3. Unlock all tombs
  4. Marry local of travel locations.
  5. Have child(ren)
  6. Gain a skill (or more) in Photography
  7. Gain a skill (or more) in Nectar Making